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TCP is a dynamic, volunteer-based community-theatre organization in New Hamburg, Ontario. TCP produces a large scale musical every spring and a small scale comedy/drama/ or musical every fall. As we have grown in ambition and ability over 30 years, our productions and process have earned widespread recognition for their scope, quality and team environment.

TCP’s Director Selection Process


Directing roles are:

All Directors report to TCP’s Artistic Director.

All Directors must work with TCP in accordance with their prescribed job descriptions which all candidates will receive.

Anyone who wishes to submit their names for the above stated positions may do so at any time of the year by filling out the APPLICATION form below.

A formal interview process will follow.

Everyone who has expressed interest within the past year will be contacted and asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement with The Community Players of New Hamburg. Signing this agreement allows TCP to share confidential show information with candidates. Anyone who does not sign this document cannot be considered for a directing role. Individuals who break this agreement will be removed from any future directing consideration with TCP.  Upon signing of the agreement, information about upcoming shows will be shared with candidates, who may then request to be considered for specific shows.

*Occasionally, shows that have been announced, may need to change, or have the planned performance dates changed.  In this event, the Director for that show will have first right of refusal for the same show in the new date. In the event the show is removed, all confirmed directing offers are also voided.

TCP’s Mentorship Program

The Community Players offers unique opportunities for its members.  We are always expanding and growing, and need people to be involved.  If you are interested in being on the creative team but lack the relevant experience to apply, this mentorship program is for you.  You will be offered a chance to work alongside the director, stage manager, music director, and/or artistic director to learn the ins and outs of putting a show together.  If interested, please email    You will then be contacted to discuss the process.

Upcoming TCP Directing Opportunities

Next Selection Process Deadline: August 6, 2017.

If you’d like to be considered for a directing role with us, please fill in the form below or contact TCP’s Artistic Director, Danielle Guistini, directly at

Submit Your Application

Please fill in all fields below. Upon submitting your application you will be contacted by TCP’s Artistic Director to discuss your application. All applications are confidential.



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